Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Indian Stock Market Under Pressure, Small Mid Cap Rising Banking Down

After a surprising performance on week's first trading session, the Indian Stock Market seems under pressure and dealing low, while the Small Cap and Mid Cap sectors are rising high today. Along with the Capital Goods & Fmcg, the Banking Sectors are trading poorly, while Auto Sectors are higly paced up. Sensex is currently trading at 2680.46 with the loss of 65.46 points and Nifty is trading at 8216.25 with the loss of 22.25 points. As per the Global cues there are big chances that the Indian Market may recover the early loss in the noon session.  

Cancer causing agent Potassium Bromate has been found in the Bread, so the Government has banned the use of Potassium Bromate. Bread manufacturing companies like Jubilant Food and Britania Industries have been moving down after the announcement. CCI has approved the deal of Black Stone with Mphasis. As per the deal Black Stone will buy the 50% stakes of HP in Mphasis. This news gave a big hike of 1.48% to Mphasis's stock. The Initial Public Offering of Mahanagar Gas will be open today. The company has collected 309 crore rupees from the anchor investors. Indraprastha Gas and Gail India have received positive impact today. GOL Offshore has got approval from share holders to to convert the debt into equities. The company is currently trading up with the hike of 3.98%. In May month, the domestic air travel has been increased by 22%. This news will definitely benefit the Airlines companies.

Sell Jubilant Food below: 1056.25   Targets: 1048.66 --- 1040.58 --- 1032.53 ---Stoploss : 1064.39
Sell Britania Industries below: 2575.56   Targets: 2564.17 --- 2551.53 --- 2538.91Stoploss : 2588.27
Buy Mphasis above: 546.39   Targets: 551.97 --- 557.86 --- 563.78 Stoploss : 540.56
Buy Gail India above: 390.06   Targets: 394.82 --- 399.80 --- 404.81 Stoploss : 385.14
Buy indraprastha Gas above: 625.00   Targets: 630.95 --- 637.24 --- 643.57Stoploss : 618.77
Buy GOL Offshore above: 45.70   Targets: 45.82 --- 45.96 --- 46.10 --- 46.25Stoploss : 45.56
Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001, India


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