Tuesday, 19 July 2016

JSPL, Hotel Leela, Upper Ganges, JP Power, PVR & Dabur News with Intraday Calls

JSPL has got approval from the shareholders to sell the 1000 megawatt power plant. Also got approval to sell the 920 megawatt captive power plant. Company stocks is trading with the hike of 2.54% and may rise higher today. Delhi High Court has given 15 days ultimatum to the Hotel Leela in the case of Airport Authority. Now the company will appeal the case in High Court division bench. JSW Energy will acquire the Bina Thermal plant of JP Power Ventures. The deal of 500 megawatt Bina Thermal plant is expected to be in 2700 crore rupees. JP Power stocks took a big jump of 8% after the news. JSW Energy s also trading with the hike of 2% today. According to experts investing here can give profitable returns. Rajnikant's movie Kabbali is going to be released on 22 july and PVR is the multiplex partner of Rajnikant's movie Kabbali. Definitely the PVR stocks will trend high in upcoming days. Dabur has bought the 100% stakes in South Africa's Diskaria Trading. After a big jump in the morning the Dabur's stock is currently trading with the loss of 0.14%. The Share holders of Upper Ganges Sugar has approved the Scheme of Arrangement between the company and Oudh Sugar. Upper Ganges Sugar's stock is currently trading with the lead of 3.23% after the announcement.  

Buy JPSL above: 11.59 Targets: 11.66 --- 11.73 --- 11.80 Stoploss : 11.51
Buy Hotel Leela  above: 18.73 Targets: 18.82 --- 18.91 --- 19.00 Stoploss : 18.64
Buy JP Power above: 6.52 Targets: 6.53 --- 6.54 --- 6.55 Stoploss : 6.51
Buy PVR above: 1049.7 Targets: 1057.30 --- 1065.44 --- 1073.61 Stoploss : 1041.62
Sell Dabur below: 308.94 Targets: 304.71 --- 300.36 --- 296.05  Stoploss : 313.35
Buy Upper Ganges Sugar above: 471.39 Targets: 476.60 --- 482.07 --- 487.57  Stoploss : 465.98

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